In recent days, I have seen all over the Internet a certain trend that cannot be ignored because of the groovy and catchy colors: the return of the glorious 1970s. And of course, Gucci is partly to blame. The 1970s are remembered not only as the decade of the disco, but also as a time when memorable fashion styles were introduced, from tight-fitting clothes to Groovy patterned fabrics. Casual but noisy at the same time. Flared trousers, crocheting, trays, color blocks ruled the streets and this is exactly what we need in 2021. Boho-Chic was the norm for women Dressing, with a sense of carefree ease underlies any outfit. What is not to like?


Exuberant, stimulating and vivid impressions had a Moment on the runways of spring 2021, as if it were a nod to the return of the release. What better way to reappear than in spectacularly Funny fashion? Even the look on my Rixo floral leather jacket (photo below) makes me smile. The lace collar from the 1970s and the contrasting black details seduced me at first glance. It’s sold out, but there’s a matching skirt that’s still available! If you are interested in this floral applique detail, take a look at this awesome combination with 60% off!

Flared trousers are often the most important garment associated with the decade, but miniskirts, crop tops, sheepskin coats and the rise of bell sleeves are of equal importance.

They are all the more fun when they have psychedelic colors and prints or were printed with a Tie-Dye mix (maybe my favorite). If a dress or a loungewear set is too much for you, a hat will do!


Enough with toned and restrained. I want my clothes to scream “”I’m here!”I want you to be brave, brave and funny. Isn’t that right? From the psychedelic printed T-shirt with Slogan of the Doublej, to the pointed collar blouse of the 1970s by Jejia, to the flared trousers with floral print by Mango, let us Groove this Season with retro Styles that will surely take us on a journey back in time. Who the hell doesn’t love Nostalgia?! That’s right!

Think of the ’60s and ’70s summer days at Laurel Canyon. And now that it’s almost time to ditch our trench coats, I’m on a mission to bring tinted sunglasses, leather minis and Groovy prints into my wardrobe.

I am ready to add funky shapes, prints and Accessories to my Shopping Cart that will add a touch of personality to my spring wardrobe. Do you ever feel Groovy?

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