All About Transeasonal Dressing

Transeasonal dressing can be difficult. Our indecision about choosing something to wear is as bad as the weather that is hot at one moment and cold at the other. Formulating an outfit during this period is no longer fun because we are tired of hanging out on winter coats. And the idea of wearing a strappy dress in warm weather is also not exciting.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems! This might require an investment in a lightweight coat like the brown trench I’m wearing on top, or adding a few important accessories. To action our fashion sapphires, I’ve created a simple overview of how to become a translational professional.

It will be clear to you that Transeasonal Dressing really just the best of both worlds.

Lightweight Outerwear

First-Outerwear! Or light outerwear to be more precise. It’s time to pack up those wool and Chunky coats for something more breathable. In this matter, I open the book of our favorite classics – Blazers and trench coats. These are timeless classics for a good reason. And if it’s not broken, why fix it?

What makes it ideal for transitional periods is that its structural shape protects against unwanted cold wind and rain. In addition, their lightweight fabric composition is perfect for warmer weather.

Blazers and ditches are so easy to layer on just about anything! Her real show of versatility can be seen above, where I wear a short dress with a long blazer. In other words, if you’ve had the urge to let your legs breathe again, a blazer or trench coat is a perfect item.

A style tip for this Look is that the outer hem should be longer or the same length as the dress/skirt. This creates a truly elegant Silhouette!!

And they can also be worn over Jeans! I mentioned some style tips in my Menswear article if you want some extra Inspiration!

Although Blazers and Trench Coats are classics, this does not mean that their color or cut should be!). That being said, why not work the colors of the new Season in a ditch? Due to their classic look, this is definitely an item that is worth getting a high-end Version or –if you are ready to take the plunge, these trenches are finishers here!

Blazers and Trench Coats are constantly reinterpreted, and their stylistic versatility remains timeless.

Transeasonal Head Accessories: Silk Scarves & Bucket Hats

Headdresses are often overlooked, but they are the perfect complement to a transseasonale wardrobe!

Silk scarves and bucket hats serve as a perfect color/pattern accent for an outfit.

Take your favorite silk scarves from the drawer. Not only do they look stylish, but there is also more than one way to tie them (- around the neck, the back of the head and even turn them into a tie). The best part is that your ears are elegantly protected, and when it gets too hot, just put it back in your pocket.

If scarves aren’t your favorite, try a 90s-inspired bucket. They complement any casual outfit and protect against unexpected strong sunlight. Small details like a good hairstyle really make all the difference!

Bodysuits & Second-hand Clothes

You all know that I can’t be without good support, especially in times of transition.

Second Skins and Bodysuits are an excellent component for spring dresses or blouses with a low neckline that are patiently waiting in your corner for spring clothes.

Layer them over a black dress like I did here (add extra warmth) or even wear them as a top.

The lightweight and breathable fabric makes Second Skins and jumpsuits a must-have in the wardrobe.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I have second skin Tops that range from simple black to leopard print.

They can be as exciting as they get-try this Second-skin Top from Kai Collective (it’s sold out for a good reason!)

Transeasonal Shoes: Loafers

Pack the heavy black boots and get inspired by the Transeasonal shoes: moccasins. The Image of schoolgirls in slippers has changed as more and more people realize that their closed toes, raised flat shapes and sturdy structure are ideal for transitional weather conditions.

Pair your slippers (like Ganni’s) with shiny socks or tights to create a beautiful accent color for any outfit! Moccasins go perfectly with jeans and a Blazer – a great outfit combination that’s so easy to wear! Wear them also with dresses and skirts. They help to balance too feminine Looks.

These shoes are much easier to wear than they seem! Which begs the question, Have you ever tried it?

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