Check Out the Awesome Spring Dresses

It is a pay to the simplest and most flattering piece of our wardrobe: the dresses. I mean, who doesn’t like a good dress. Every season it makes our eyes shine with joy. It has an irresistible appeal, enchanting details, a nostalgic summer holiday feeling it it speaks only for itself. In combination with enveloping sandals, sneakers or boots, the dress is the epitome of a suit. He demands almost nothing, but gives me everything. I have fallen in love with many dresses over the course of my life, but something about this particular period of history makes me appreciate dresses even more. A hint of sun, bare legs and better days.

I gave you the first part of the dresses here and told you about the romantic ones, those with a high collar and finally the cut-out ones. Now prepare your notes, because it’s time for the second part. If maybe those first three options weren’t your cup of tea, I covered them with the following.


I’ve noticed a trend recently: people dress like mermaids. Is it even possible, perhaps you are right to ask. Well, just think about Versace’s spring-summer 2021 fashion show. There were shells, starfish and coral motifs for days, reminiscent of the collection Treasure of the Sea by Gianni for the spring of 1992.

We mortals are unlikely to put such phrases (at least not all the way). But this kind of resort aesthetic has a time, I tell you. And I’m not going to lie, it’s attractive. Tell me a person who did not dream of a holiday by the sea. A dress that reminds me of the sea, memories and distant places is indeed very welcomed. Check out this awesome I left wearing (and my back open!): the perfection of the maxi dress.


At this point, and after successive periods of confinement, we have long forgotten the glorious feeling, the sun warms our legs. The idea of letting our skin see the light of day is quite strange and the tracksuits we wear every other day make every dress look like a distant dream. But what if there is a way to combine the freedom of a dress with everything we love in our sweatpants? The alternative is the knitted dress. Yes, the knitted dress is alive and gives all the comfort and convenience of a sweatshirt.

Could you really ask something else this spring? I don’t think so. Combining the warmth of your knitted sweater, corresponding to the lightness and portability of a dress, knitted dresses are the option for those who want to add a little more to their wardrobe. The available ones are much more than this classic figure-hugging dress, with a number of oversized options, with sashes, in unexpected shades and even with patterns. Look at the ones I found below, and I promise you, they will merge with your skin so that you become one.


Who said that in the spring you need to wear bright colors? The truth is that the trick to surviving the warm weather is not in the specific color you wear, but in the clothes that do not really touch your body and in the fabrics you have chosen.

White usually has a golden star in the summer, but what about those of us who prefer darker, darker colors? If shades such as black, emerald green, dark sapphire or burgundy seem attractive to you, then effortlessly browse through these options that will make you feel fresh and fresh without compromising your favorite palette.

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