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The jackets are a little painful. They are bulky and can suffocate when the sun comes out. But it is precisely at that moment when the Sun decides to hide behind a cloud again that it is when we are happy to wear the extra layer.

When it comes to spring clothes, I think blazers like the black ones I wear are automatically part of my seasonal identity. I LOVE their versatility and sharp features that make my spring accessories like this Jodie Green kelly bag stand out so well!! (You will surely see that I will repeat this black and green combination!!)

Blazers will always have a special place in my heart (and in my wardrobe), but I think that other styles of jackets also need their moment!!

I’m here to show you my favorite styles of jackets, which, in my opinion, are elegant and practical, and can really make your outfit!

As with any other piece (whether jeans or shoes), jackets also need to be invested. Often because of their more practical sides, we settle for any jacket that does its job of keeping us warm and dry.

But imagine that you are wearing a great outfit and you have to cover it with a jacket that does not serve you in the same way.

I am here to help you find these jackets that earn points for their practical and stylistic elements.

If light jackets are a necessity this season, so much they work for us, rather than against us.

Denim jacket styles

Denim jackets are surprisingly one of the most versatile lightweight jackets that I think more people need to follow. And I’m not thinking about the jeans classic sapphire. Denim jackets can be anything but sapphire! Take this black contrast dot denim jacket I’m wearing – I’ve worn IT with so many outfits and even showcased it in my IG role!! (I have added some versions in the carousel below).

I love the robust structure of the denim, which makes it very durable. They are also lightweight, so they can be easily combined with dresses and trousers.

If you are looking for a denim jacket, try exploring the different color and sewing options. Even the smallest details, such as a contrast point, can really enhance the classic look.

Quilted jacket styles

Another lightweight spring vest I like the most was this Frankie Shop quilted jacket!! Quilted jackets are ideal for this transitional period due to their waterproof properties. They will keep you warm enough, but you will not feel burdened by a huge woolen coat either.

I saw a huge influx of quilted jackets into the season! The brands have added more unique quilted styles (like this one from Sea New York) to the more classic lines. I think for a long time it was thought that quilted jackets were more on the “boring” sides of jacket styles (more bragging about their practical properties). After all, you got rid of this image and are back with a tremendous creative appeal!

Also, I have added some types of quilted vest/vest to try in this carousel. If you feel that a jacket is too bulky, there are also vests!

“Shacket” (jacket-shirt)

No one really knows when the “chains” first appeared on the fashion scene, but they are definitely here to stay.

Apparently, their practical features come from the clothing needs of wartime. In the recent history of fashion, the shackles have been revived and have developed anew.

This type of jacket is ideal for those who like casual, but clear outfits-similar to Bottega Veneta or Celine.

Here I wear a long shackle over flared jeans and boots. Really any style jeans or pants would work perfectly with!

If you opt for a colorful or patterned shackle like the one I’m wearing, something simple underneath will really make the jacket stand out! This style is perfect for creating outfits with minimal effort!!.

Belt Jacket Styles

The 70s are back and have inspired some of the recent jackets of the season-belted jackets!

Their fitted waist and collar are the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity. You could say that these are just smaller versions of a trench coat. Unlike long coats, these short belt jackets are breathable and ideal for transitional weather – and look very elegant!!

I’ve seen so many leather options, but those pastel yellows and lilacs really steal the show!

Have fun with and explore different textures and colors (I have added some in my carousel to stimulate the imagination of this outfit!!)

This season might be the time to update your Spring/Summer jacket!

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