Here are Must-Have Men’s Wear Items

I’ve been saying this for a long time, but the men’s section is the perfect place to find some of the most appropriate items in your wardrobe. Once you realize how great all the pieces in men’s fashion are, go straight to the source and claim them as your own. Scroll through the five spring items that you need to steal immediately in the men’s section.


Oh yes, the life of huge man floppy cuff. It seems easy. It is easy and versatile to style because it looks great as a diaper at any time. You can wear it open for an even more airy Look, or opt for movement with a single button. Rolling up your sleeves is another styling trick that is very much appreciated – not only does it look good, but it also prevents you from landing in your pasta. If you’re hoping for a Zoom call or running errands by flipping a button on a tank top or Spaghetti strap top, it can make an outfit look intentional, even if it was just a Moment to get out, really. Stack up your favorite gold jewelry and jeans and ready, you can call it a day.


Everyone from Gucci to Burberry is committed to the return of feminine formality – I’m talking about beads, brooches and cardigans. But can we please contact another grandparent for Inspiration? Dressing the old man is the best thing that has come into fashion for some time. Borrow these huge chunky reading glasses and Brogues and get on with the vest. A lighter cotton version for spring will do. There are no rules, but a slouchy Figure usually has my heart. The beauty of this piece is that it can be stylized with literally anything, from knitted T-shirts and turtlenecks to white buttons and printed Pussycat Bow blouses.


With the Men’s Blazer you go big or at home. There’s nothing in between. Roll these shoulders with force and the larger the lapel, the better. I feel like I can conquer the world wearing an awesome Blazer. Isn’t that right? A plaid for a more classic Look or even a shiny one to make a statement. I am convinced that the Slouchy oversized Blazer look is the fashion uniform of choice.

A simple but sophisticated formula with which you can not go wrong. It looks cool and as if you haven’t tried too hard and it’s the perfect accompaniment to my outfits of Jeans and action boots. If you find your perfect men’s Blazer, believe me, you will never look back.


It’s time to part with the pants you’ve worn before (something tells me sweatpants) and make room for a new type of wardrobe: men’s trousers. Loose trousers for informal clothes, that’s right. If you go one or two sizes higher and fasten them with a belt, you can literally put everything there. They just create an eye-catching silhouette, and a pair of classic cut will never go out of fashion. These trousers are incredibly versatile and fit into both a work wardrobe and a weekend wardrobe. Thanks to the high waist, you have the power to make your legs look twice as long and you can wear them in different ways, from blouses to Crop Tops to sandals or my dear Dr.Martens Brogues.


A T-Shirt can quickly become an icon. From the ribbon T-shirt to the ironic quote you want to say out loud, but your t-Shirt may as well speak for you – a simple piece of clothing like this is undoubtedly an indispensable piece of clothing. Whether you’re carrying a disrespectful message, showing your love for your favorite Metalheads, or investing in a cult favorite, choose an oversized fit. Comfort has never been more attractive and when it comes to dressing, nothing seems to make it like an oversized men’s T-shirt. A little Freedom. A little relaxation. Wear it over your Long Denim Shorts or midi skirt and under a classic trench or Blazer and your Look will be anything but boring.

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