Mini VS Supersized Handbag

Do you remember handbags ? Previously, they were transported everywhere. They have been laid off in the last few months because most of us just opt for this Trustworthy Canvas supermarket Shopping Bag. But that has to change for a number of reasons. First, a handbag, more than any other fashion item, is a smart investment. Then it is symbolic (have you seen the Youtube video where I tell you why and how I bought my Hermès Kelly bag ?). It is also a functional and utilitarian everyday object. Boy, they were not found !

But it’s not just the logo or the price tag that makes our eyes shine when it comes to a good handbag. These are also its dimensions. Since the Chiquito and the little Chiquito by Jacquemus, the fashion seems to be passion with nano bags. Despite the bustle of the Internet and lively discussions, this tiny (useless rude ?) bag had a time last year. Zero practice if you ask me, but then again, fashion doesn’t always have to mean convenience. Sometimes it’s purely for fun.

Some of these little bags can do nothing more than a credit card and maybe, just maybe, chewing gum. You may think that no one would pay more than for such a small accessory, but it turns out that many people do it. What is your opinion on this? The thing is, I love mini bags (note the mini ones here), I think they can be really liberating and force me to wear fewer things.

The freedom to wear things is power (people should know about it). The limited handbag space looks like a simple and carefree way of life. And look how beautiful they are with summer dresses!

But while the nano and mini bags include impeccable space management skills, the extra wide bags give us the opportunity to transport the whole world. Think again of the great baci of Jacquemus-greater than nature itself! Or even that is just as clever as the cult option of Gaia, which I wear on the right side in this photo. In addition, they are more in tune with our new lifestyles, realistic. In short, if your favorite bag can not contain everything you need to get out (which means disinfectant for hands, yadda yadda yadda), it will probably remain in your wardrobe and in the foreseeable future. This is the return of the huge bag, I tell you that. The straw I have exhausted, but I have linked similar options in the carousel below.

But if the idea of carrying a shoulder bag brings a smile to your teeth, then you know that there is already a whole market for large roomy handbags that do not look like they were torn off in the early 2000s.Look at the options I have collected ! Think of the big Bottega bag or the coach tabby : so big that it serves as an ear (I’m always on the floor for a nap). I have seen how they are worn under the arm, how acceptable is this for travel-sized emergency ears ? Fashion loves to be extra, she loves drama and I’m here for that!

Who will win the agreed wardrobe space in this action of bags : the mini bag or the supersized ? Tell me your bet in the comments.

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