These are Trending Sneakers for Summer

On the street, trends speak for themselves and I think they are the best style indicator of what we want to wear. (By the way, Did you watch Episode 19 of What Everyone Is Wearing in New York to get outfit ideas? More than 300,000 people have seen it, which makes me think that Streetstyle is still in demand). Today the main emphasis is on sneakers.

The truth is that when it comes to sneakers, we are entering an Area of additional difficulties because we all want to wear them every day in all colors of all brands – from Nike Air Jordan 1S (I like mine, even if they are fashionable) to Adidas Stan Smith classic. From the popular Converse or sustainable Veja to Love at First Sight (I mean, Love at first sight, but make it chic) Alexander McQueen.

Let’s review the coolest options for spring. It’s a street action among the classics where there’s not really a winner, I think….?


In Fashion, everything returns, and it’s the turn of retro sneakers. While chunky sneakers have dominated (and are still there) in recent seasons, this summer returns to the nostalgic styles of the past. Whatever the reason, hardly a day goes by without seeing a pair of white-green Veja V-10 or Stan Smiths on My Instagram feed (first photo above).


Hideous, Daddy, awkward… whatever you want to call it. They are attractive… and persevering in all its ugliness. Chunky trainers are still in. This is a Trend that refuses to pass away, and for good reason. We want comfortable shoes that you can wear all day without compromising your style. Do you agree?


Nowadays, it’s all about comfort. Those sneakers that you usually wear to the gym are also used in everyday life – worn with Jeans, joggers, dresses, etc.


The slightest detail can make or break a coach, so be careful and find the details that speak to you. Maybe all your trainers are white and discreet, or maybe they are a subtle dresser from neck to ankle, but they bring the party in high tops with fun colors.

In my hasty embrace of spring weather, I’ve gone from stuffy boots to sandals, but sneakers are the ultimate transition. But considering the weather we have been experiencing recently; Transition shoes (and clothes!) is a must. Tell me your favorites in the comments!

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